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  • Maya architecture — This article is about pre Columbian architecture of the Maya civilization. For the 20th century revivalist architectural and decorative arts styling, see Mayan Revival …   Wikipedia

  • Maya civilization — This article is about the pre Columbian Maya civilization. For a discussion of the modern Maya, see Maya peoples. For other meanings of the word Maya, see Maya …   Wikipedia

  • Architecture maya — L architecture des Mayas à l époque préhispanique, et plus particulièrement à l Époque classique (300 900), est intimement liée à l idée qu ils se faisaient du cosmos, dont leurs cités étaient l image, ainsi que du rôle socio religieux que ses… …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Architecture of Mexico — A replica of El Ángel in front of the National Palace in Mexico City. In a broad sense, Mexican architecture comprises works of architecture created in Mexico, as well as architecture of pre hispanic and colonial times that have become part of… …   Wikipedia

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  • Maya (software) — Infobox Software name = Maya caption = screenshot of Maya 2008 Unlimited running on Windows XP Professional developer = Alias Systems Corporation, now owned by Autodesk latest release version = 2009 (10.0) latest release date = October 06, 2008… …   Wikipedia

  • Maya jaguar gods — Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire on a cinerary urn, Late Classic period The pre Columbian Maya civilization had various jaguar gods, in addition to jaguar demi gods, (ancestral) protectors, and transformers. The main jaguar deities are given below …   Wikipedia

  • Maya maize god — Fig. 1: Tonsured Maize God as a patron of the scribal arts, Classic period Like other Mesoamerican peoples, the traditional Mayas recognize in their staple crop, the maize, a vital force with which they strongly identify. This is clearly shown by …   Wikipedia

  • Maya Bridge at Yaxchilan — The Pile in the Usumacinta river thought to have possibly supported a suspension bridge at Yaxchilan Academics have speculated that the Maya may have built a suspension bridge across the Usumacinta river. If so, the Maya Bridge at Yaxchilan would …   Wikipedia

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